Industrial Cleanup Service in Meadville, PA

Zehr Restorations was contacted by Meadville Forge for emergency industrial clean up services. An automated fire extinguishing system built into an EDM (electrical discharge machining) production machine had activated and spread dry chemical powder over production equipment and into the surrounding work area.

Zehr Restoration team arrives on site to begin restoration
Office entrance with dry chemical dust cleanup
Industrial plant workbench before cleanup
Work area floor covered by dry chem powder from the fire suppression system
Dry chem powder scattered around industrial equipment
Industrial EDM machine covered by dry chemical powder from the fire suppression system

Zehr Restorations assessed the situation in the work area, which managers asked us to return to production as soon as possible. Damage caused by the powder affected the entire production area, coating industrial machinery, ceilings, walls, and floors.

Industrial Damage Mitigation

Following our mitigation process, Zehr Restorations documented the extent of the damage and began cleanup.

The work area was thoroughly cleaned and restored to operation within a single shift, keeping production loss to a minimum at the Meadville Forge. Zehr Restorations’ professional cleaning services delivered a quick return to operations as promised.

Phoenix Guardian HEPA system air scrubber in operation
EDM machine with application of chemical cleaner
Break room floor with final drying in progress
Cleaned industrial work area

Industrial Cleanup Project Gallery

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